The most “diversified” job I’ve ever had in my life — I tried and did everything.

Selected projects 


I joined Future Tech Lab to help with their D2C brand project and was supposed to take on a role of graphic designer, helping the company with branding application on their products, collaterals and digital, but quickly shifted and started to help with other stuff like interface design of their website and coming up with MVP version of their component application.

The fun thing about working there is that I was able to do 360° design for the first time. By 360° I mean not only coming up with identity concept and building interfaces, but also creating content and making the aforementioned things truly come to life—like organizing photo shoots, creating videos explaining how NFC hang tag works, and so on.

From the digital product design stand point of view I got my first experience with desiging and ecommerce solution, and diving deep into analytics like Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika.

I also shifted a little bit to the product management side of things a little bit. By that I mean that I closely communicated with the development team, assigned tasks, and maintained task board fresh and updated.

Another set of skills which I improved is physical product design—I got to design a few pieces, as well as worked quite hard in picking right materials for collaterals and worked with local production to get everything right and in place.