At Wallarm I took on a task of redesigning their WAF product, building design system from scratch to a state of having an interactive Storybook library. All over the course of 8 months.

I can assurely say that Wallarm was one of the most interesting products to work on in terms of application architecture and structure. When I came there were a lot of obvious navigational and UX flaws which I hopefully have helped to be fixed.

Alongside with small issues came the big part—of overhauling the UI, and thinking about how to approach selling multiple products at the same time, instead of selling one-in-all solution.

I built design system which included user interface controls and other elements, typography guidelines and icons, and worked closely with the front-end development team to implement it into the production.

I also did a little bit of customer development. It was interesting for me to custdev such clients as Russian Post, for example, because they are quite unique.

I attach some of the interface screenshots below.