Wings Platform Concept

UI Concept for Wings Platform Dropbox Paper (Online Test Task)

I’ve applied to Wings Founation as a Senior UI/UX Designer. I’ve received an offer after a number of test task, but haven’t accepted the offer due to the location of the company. 

It was my first experience of designing a product related to blockchain, and it was fascinating. I’ve found out that there are a lot of moments and terminology, which make designing for blockchain really entertaining and fun. 
Another fact that I liked about crypto- and blockchain-related products is that there’s always a really powerful community connected to the product, with which you can always interact, know the pain points, and find something new about the product you design. 

You can check out my online test task by reading it on Dropbox Paper. You’re also welcome to view all the screens in high quality on Dropbox.

I’ve also done offline test task at Wings HQ in Saint Petersburg. Was pretty fun as well. 

Below are some of the screenshots of the work I’ve done. All the work has been done in 3 days.