Yandex Alisa Prototype

One of the early prototypes of Alisa personal assistant I've built for Yandex Search app team using Framer.

One of the Early Alisa Prototypes

The problem we were trying to solve with this prototype is whether the waves is a suitable visual interface element for the assistant. As it turned out later, it wasn't.

In fact, after a number of iterations, when I'd to built the voice component in the prototype, we'd decided not to animate waves horizontally. We finished on the variant where waves were only responding to voice by scaling up and moving slightly up by y-axis.

For me, the biggest challenge of this task was to animate waves, and come up with a solution to actually make the prototype be responsive to user’s voice.

Later on, I’ve written an article on how to make the prototype voice-enabled. You can check it out on Framer Blog.