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This project is a starting point for my career as a designer. This is why it is special to me. It was a student project while I’d been studying at Yandex Mobile Design School.

I’ve been a CS:S and CS:GO player for a long time, and I’ve played around 4000 hours in total playing at different leagues, such as CSS Mixes, FGCL and CSPL and competitions. This was the reason why I took this project to work on.

At first term of the school I’ve been working on a project alone and come up with idea of making a service which would include highlights from the tournaments and other different esports competitions. I’ve also thought out the monetization model for the product.

At the second term it was my first experience working in a team with a manager and developers (in our team there were 2 of them, both doing native Android development). We have pivoted around 4 or 5 times while thinking what should be the core of our product. So I had a lot of designs.

I think we did a pretty great job, and the product that we had at the end of the school was good.

You can watch our keynote below (in Russian):