I had a pleasure of working at Ziina for 2.5 months (excluding 1 month for interview process, out of which my solution of test task was taken into end product solution). Throughout this short time I’ve managed to do a lot of things.

With my role being Staff Product Designer, my scope of work was not only limited to Product Design. I’ve worked on creating marketing materials, concepts for physical and digital cards, managing work with external agents, etc.

In terms of product features, I’ve worked on the following (prior to the development stage, but after the hand-out stage)
  1. Payment Link Monetization for Consumers
  2. Business CRM (touching both Business and Consumer products)
  3. Design System Bootstrap
  4. A completed Test Challenge which was taken as a foundation to a real-product solution
  5. A few other extra small tasks related to compliance, file organization, etc.

In terms of communication design
  1. Bank Card Concept (digital and physical), together with Endless Work Studio, as well as its expansion into overall company identity
  2. A lot of small little neat tasks like creating print leaflets, or localizing ad video into Arabic

All the works above are available for detailed view upon request.